Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity.
— Simone Weil

In honouring of the confidentiality bond all testimonials have been made anonimous.


"The two meetings we had changed my way of relating to the world. Thank you for all the energy you gave me and will give me."

"I feel it’s been an amazing coaching cycle and I am so grateful to you Simon, I really am, you are a very special person and you’ve helped me more than you know. Coaching doesn't seem a strong enough word for what you do! Your presence is wholly safe, loving and supportive, your empathy and intuition endless.  You helped me to peel back layers and layers of negativity and self doubt that had built up. I feel like it’s been the light of your consciousness which I feel is divinely channeled that helped me to come back to myself. Through you, I have glimpsed the person I am in God's eyes. You’ve really helped me become much more conscious again. It's felt like a reminder of the things that I knew anyway or that my higher-self knew, and you have been the gateway, you’ve opened the door again and let the light in. And I feel so much more empowered!  I feel like my self-belief is coming back in spades and being revealed more and more and that’s just a phenomenal feeling. I am moved by your ability and power to help unlock and unleash all of this: consciousness, clarity and confidence. You’ve helped me open that door and you’ve given me the courage to start to walk through it. I feel this is just the beginning and things will start to flow much more fluidly now that I am on that journey. I feel like I am coming out of a shell and dark cocoon. You've been the catalyst for this and for so much of my self-forgiveness which has happened incrementally over each session... Which has been an incredibly profound experience. And in every single one you knew what was needed. You’ve helped me to see that I am so worthy of everything that’s coming to me. I haven’t felt this sense of excitement and optimism and determination for such a long time and it really is all thanks to you. You are a light in the world and I am so full of gratitude."

"I cannot adequately articulate how grateful I am for the incredible opportunity to experience your truly exceptional life coaching skills. I loved every second of it and you will never realise the tremendous impact it had on my life. It couldn’t have come at a better time. I feel I’ve learned skills, strategies and approaches that will enrich my life till my dying day. Thank you so much for the joy, freedom, empowerment, fulfillment, happiness and success these sessions brought me. Thank you so very much."

"I am very satisfied. It was excellent. I am very impressed about the way you handled the conversation. Metaphors, nice tool. Maybe I need some more. And there’s no need to tell you the story of my life."

"You were deeply and quickly insightful. The language that you used allowed me to translate emotions and thoughts that I had in a very tangible and concrete way. You saw how my brain works and what kind of imagery resonates with me. It feels like it’s past theory what you’re doing. I imagine you can react to a lot of different people. What is really impressive about what you’re doing is that it’s very natural to you and I don’t feel like you had a method, but that you were seeing me and applying what you know so that I could hear it. You made me feel comfortable, you really engage, it’s very selfless.
I’ve been looking for a Coach for a really long time and now life heard me. I think it’s excellent because it surpasses analytical psychology although it comprises it. If you can make positive changes in your life you don’t need to analyze it, life is too short. People have the potential for doing amazing things and sometimes they just need a little help

"There are two very important things that I would like you to know...
1) I'm proud of myself. I'm proud to have come this far. And I'm proud that I have learned how to connect my past and who I am with the future I am creating and the person that I am becoming. It feels real this time. And mostly because it feels difficult. Like how you have to go through a bit of pain in order to grow. This feels like the second biggest emotional/spiritual/personal growth since my dad. And I credit you with helping me through it.
2) You are a very special person and I appreciate whatever light you see in me. It's both validating and inspiring. You are very perceptive and kind. I dreamed of having a mentor like you. Thank you for always wanting the best for me.... I've felt it every step of the way! You are a wonderful life coach."

"Every time we work together it’s about how I choose to live today. We work deeply on the way I look inside and outside of myself. Even the tiniest detail can be the key to transformation. And it’s easier when who stands besides you follows you step by step. Simon taught me how others are a mirror of anything I feel or think about myself. When we’re together he’s my playground, my rehearsal before the most important show. There is no fear, only the opportunity to let my true self come forth with him and with others."

"Simon has been a big inspiration for me and supported me to find my deeper purpose in life. His openness and genuine interest made me trust him fully, allowing me to open up and ask deep questions that I had been too scared to ask for a long time. I felt fully seen and understood. His wisdom and knowledge are enormous."

"Working with Simon has been an amazing experience. Prior to my sessions with Simon, I felt conflicted about the direction I wanted to take my life and career. With Simon’s patience, insight, and gentle guidance, I have discovered my path and found the courage to begin my journey."

"Coaching with Simon was an outstanding coaching experience for me. Simon's presence, insightful questions and approach are unique and generated major breakthroughs for me." 

"I gained tremendous benefits from my work with Simon. My consciousness increased to levels previously unthought of, I feel much more confident and in general my mood has switched from being often negative to being positive and energetic. His wisdom, intelligence and mental openness are a source of ongoing inspiration for me. He often indicated resources that were adequate to my needs and the debrief on Spiritual Intelligence was an analysis which held an important question to keep in mind for my future choices. During our sessions, his way of being, relating and speaking activates within me a knowing, an intelligence and a vision that dismantles the shadows of confusion and negativity, eliciting clarity in my answers and the joy of existence. I am very grateful to have had him as a coach.”

“I'd like to thank you for your coaching and teachings. It was an invaluable experience that I will cherish for a long time!”

“Simon was a great coach. He helped me understand why I was having the problems I was having and alternative ways to approach things. He gave me lessons that I will hold on to for a very long time that were applicable outside of work as well. I am very thankful to Simon as he gave me confidence and awareness to understand what I wanted to do in a wider sense.”


“Simon made me feel very at ease in his class. His experience, integrity, knowledge and wisdom shine through in all that he brings into the space. I found Simon very professional, and kind, he works from the heart.”

“Simon is a wonderful yoga teacher, his teachings come from a very authentic place.  His classes are a wonderful experience.”

“I found Simon to be a great inspiration, very sincere in his teachings. He holds the space beautifully, and I felt a sense of trust and connection. I would highly recommend Simon.”

“I was very impressed with Simon’s mannerism, knowledge, and consideration to all taking the class. The class included non-native English speakers, I was one of them, and Simon managed to use suitable language for all to understand, spoke in a considerate manner, giving all present the time to take it all in. He demonstrated the postures very well where necessary, and was able to explain to us the science behind them. This made each one of us more conscious of what exactly we were doing with our bodies when we carried out the asanas of the kriya. He was extremely well prepared for each class, and this contributed to the satisfaction we felt whilst taking the class.”

“Simon is a very clear and caring teacher.  He brings a lightness of touch to his yoga classes together with a profound spirituality and sensitivity.  His manner is very open and one feels safe and held alongside the challenges of the yoga practice.  I definitely recommend him as a teacher of integrity, who also carries the gift of empathy and approachability.”