The wonderful metaphor of walking: losing your balance to recover it in the next step. Only when you risk losing your balance and trust you’ll recover it in the next step, can you move forward. Without risk and without trust, there is no movement.
— Simon Blackhall

A child is never taught how to walk.

He learns by being present.
He learns through trial and error.
He learns through bruises and bumps and tears.
And he learns through desire and the celebration of every little success.
Every time he tries, every time he falls, every time he picks himself up to try again,
he is greeted with waves of support and encouragement, loving voices present to his needs.

Never for a moment does he question that one day he will walk.
And never for a moment do those around him question that he will walk either.

At ANIMA we believe these to be the most conducive conditions to embracing new challenges,
and we believe new challenges offer us gifts like learning to walk.

At ANIMA we believe that wherever you want to go, you can.
We believe loving voices are present to your needs.
We believe in stopping and taking the time to allow your eyes to cast towards your horizon.
We believe your soul knows who you are, where you belong, and what you are here to do in this life time.
We believe fulfillment is walking the path you were born to take.
No matter how difficult.
No matter how impossible.
No matter if it's never been done before.
And we believe upon learning to walk, we may run... and soar.

At ANIMA your highest destiny is possible.
And now is your moment of infinite power in which you create your future.

Welcome to ANIMA.