An attitude of gratitude brings great things.
— Yogi Bhajan

What is Kundalini Yoga?

Kundalini is Awareness. Yoga means Union.

Kundalini Yoga is the Awareness of the Union between you and the Divine. An ancient practice born in India with tremendous healing powers, Kundalini Yoga has been guarded as a secret for thousands of years until it was brought to the West in recent decades.

The uniqueness of Kundalini Yoga, is the understanding that within us all lies a creative, evolutionary energy which is dormant and coiled at the base of the spine (the Kundalini energy). Through complete sets of actions (kriyas) that include physical postures (asana), breath work (pranayama), voice work (mantra) and meditation, Kundalini Yoga targets this energy to activate it and awaken it. 

What are the benefits of Kundalini Yoga?

A full Kundalini awakening is a specific energetic experience that means all the knots and issues of the psyche have been resolved. Although still extremely rare, this is the natural evolution of the human being awakening to higher levels of consciousness. Kundalini Yoga supports this path.

On a physical level, it strengthens your immune system, balances your glands, gives you good circulation, oxygenates your brain, calms your mind and decreases stress. On a subtle level, it is a multidimensional process of letting go after which you feel clearer and lighter, more spacious, relaxed and energised.

During a class you may cry, laugh, have profound insights and realisations into long held beliefs, go into ecstasy, grief, fury, bliss and become empowered to witness all that arises without pursuing it nor avoiding it.

Through regular practice you become more vibrant, alive, joyful and loving and you rewire your nervous system to handle greater currents of Life Force (prana). You develop greater sensitivity and empathy, aging slows down, creativity and charisma increase, inner knowing expands and so does internal peace. It is a path of surrendering the ego-self to the Divine. It is self-realisation through self-transcendence.

Who is it for?

All levels and ages can benefit.


About the teacher

Simon puts his heart, wisdom and power in service of his students and brings a calm and reassuring presence that inspires them to go beyond what they believe they are capable of.

His deep interest in the development of human potential makes him a powerful instrument to assist those who are ready and willing to go to a higher plane of consciousness to meet the challenges we face in the world today.

To this extent his yoga classes open up a channel in which to process, rebalance and bring to completion what is left unresolved, whether in the physical, emotional or mental body, and emerge with a grounded open heart, spaciousness and bliss.

Private Classes & Home Visits Only

We only offer one-to-one and semi-private home visits subject to availability. Contact us to book your customised program.

Private arrangements and corporate events are available on demand. Contact us to discuss your specific needs.

How to prepare for the class

Avoid eating for at least 2 hours prior to the class.
Wear loose and comfortable clothing.
Have layers so you can adjust your body temperature as needed.
Yoga mats and blankets are provided.



We invite you to enthusiastically approach your yoga practice. However, we encourage you you to use care when determining your own ability to do the exercises offered in the class. Do not aggravate an existing injury. If you have doubts as to whether yoga would be recommended if you have a particular injury or condition, please consult your health care professional.

The instruction and advice presented during a Kundalini Yoga class is not meant to be used in lieu of professional medical or psychological care for the treatment of any condition.