It always seems impossible until it’s done.
— Nelson Mandela

Born and raised in the heart of two different cultures, Simon appreciated since a very early age how different world-views can illuminate one another. When it came to training as a coach, it was only natural for him to look through different lenses to discover what was common and what was unique to each coaching approach. Simon is certified in Consciousness Coaching, Clean Language & Metaphors and Spiritual Intelligence.

Consciousness Coaching is profound work that helps clients grow their own awareness and their awareness with others, whilst taking meaningful action to manifest their desired outcomes. Its very structure enables powerful insights and breakthroughs, and keeps clients up and rising, supporting them to develop the power of their word and to be in integrity with their chosen commitments. The uniqueness of Consciousness Coaching is also in its clear and concise awareness creations, simple distinctions and inquiries designed to liberate and empower clients.

Clean Language & Metaphors is a powerful tool that supports clients to pay exquisite attention to aspects of their experience. Metaphors operate at the intersection between conscious and unconscious mind as well as left and right brain, allowing clients to put into words energies and nuances that would otherwise go undetected or remain subconscious. This is known as emergent knowledge. Whilst all coaching approaches have systems to keep in check any ego projections and biases the coach might have, the discipline of clean language acts as a natural barrier ensuring the coach remains invisible, guiding the clients' undivided attention to their inner world.

Spiritual Intelligence is the next step beyond emotional intelligence. The cutting edge addition to the field of multiple intelligences, it provides a skill development framework to support those who are ready and willing to transcend the confines of the ego self and bring the best of the heart and the best of the mind to their every day. Defined as 'the ability to behave with wisdom and compassion whilst maintaining inner and outer peace regardless of the circumstances', increasing Spiritual Intelligence enhances all other intelligences and brings into sharp focus the side of you that knows how to live with courage, wisdom and compassion as you lead yourself and others with authenticity.

Whether working with individuals or organisations, Simon's coaching sessions combine this knowledge to serve his clients with what is most needed. Click through to the next pages to discover more.


Personal Growth

If you are ready to explore your inner world and see it manifest in success and abundance in your daily life, we are here to support your path, be it a specific area of your life or your all-embracing journey. A thought provoking and heart opening interaction that will hold you on your path to your highest destiny.



ANIMA offers specific coaching support to leaders and their teams faced with the complexity of an event, a project or a decision. We also offer training programs focused on team performance, leadership, and/or change management, available in their standard or customised version to meet the specific needs of your organisation.


Spiritual Intelligence

Courageous. Wise. Authentic. Compassionate. Peaceful. Whether we are religious believers, atheists, or anything in between, it turns out we can agree quite easily on what it means to be a spiritually evolved human being. The more difficult question is, how do we get there? And how can we measure our progress? The practical and empowering framework created by Cindy Wigglesworth offers a powerful way into this conversation.