When the light returns to its source, it takes nothing of what it has illuminated.
— Rumi

Spiritual Intelligence

Spiritual Intelligence may sound elusive when we are trying to define it, yet when we are asked to name inspiring spiritual leaders our lists seem to consistently include people like Nelson Mandela, Gandhi and Martin Luther King among others. This indicates that we are able to recognise the qualities of a spiritually evolved human being and that we have some instinctive understanding of what Spiritual Intelligence is. Moving from this insight, Cindy Wigglesworth created a rigorously validated assessment, "SQ21 - The 21 Skills of Spiritual Intelligence", in which she translated the most admired qualities of our spiritual heroes into a set of 21 skills that can be measured and intentionally developed. If you are ready and willing to move beyond the confines and drama of the ego self and bring the best of your heart and the best of your mind to your every day, Spiritual Intelligence can greatly accelerate your journey and support you in becoming a more authentic leader, whether you are leading your self or a group.

Some of the key areas that Spiritual Intelligence will support you with, include:
-Distinguishing between the voice of your ego self and Higher Self (or Best Self)
-Being a courageous, wise and effective change agent
-Understanding people with very different points of view
-Making compassionate and wise decisions
-Sustaining faith during challenging times
-Recognising the interconnectedness of all life
-Being a calming and healing presence

Defined as "the ability to behave with wisdom and compassion whilst maintaining inner and outer peace regardless of the circumstances", SQ21 is an invaluable tool for individuals, leaders, educators, coaches, consultants and anyone else seeking an effective, rational, and holistic way to embrace spirituality and see results.

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SQ21 Assessment

The SQ21 is an online assessment. You answer a series of questions, and receive a 20 page report (preview a sample here). Additional coaching to debrief the report and develop a personal action plan is highly recommended.

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SQ21 Assessment + Debrief

This package includes a 90 minutes debrief that brings greater depth and clarity to the conversation and enables you to develop a personal action plan.

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SQ21 Assessment + Debrief + Coaching

As well as the assessment and the debrief, this package gives you access to ongoing support as you implement and work through your personal action plan. Contact us for customised plans.