Wondrous souls have appeared, and the Unseen has revealed itself.
— Rumi

Personal Growth

ANIMA's approach is unique in its genre and supports its clients on their path of creation through:

Coaching for Clarity: How would you feel if you were free to be in action without indecision? How much time and energy would you free up by seeing with clarity?

Coaching for Passion: What vision of your life gives you a sense of profound love and fulfillment? Where do you belong? What is it that you came here to do? What knowledge do you have that can change the world?

Coaching for Power: What is the empowerment that one finds in neither abusing power nor giving it away? Who would you need to be to compassionately speak your truth from power? How would honoring this empowered truth transform your life?

Coaching for Balance: What does balance mean to you? Who would you need to be to achieve it? What action is necessary to take? What positive steps do you take towards that action?

Coaching for Spiritual Intelligence: How would your life transform if you were able to bring the best of your heart and the best of your mind to your every day? What would your experience of life be if you were able to authentically maintain inner and outer peace regardless of the circumstances? How would you and others benefit from your ability to make wiser and more compassionate choices?

Everyone owns their destiny and knows deep within what needs to be done to make it happen. Growth emerges from one's deep commitment to oneself to connect to their inner world and be guided.

ANIMA's clients are profound souls with an instinctive awareness of being part of a greater Whole. They are fully committed to their journey of transformation, expansion and growth, and they are willing to explore the depths of their spirit to reconnect to the source of their radiance to embrace their full light potential.

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